Al Mal Capital REIT

Al Mal Capital REIT is a closed ended real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in a diversified portfolio of income generating real estate assets in the UAE and GCC, based on secure long-term lease agreements with a strong credit profile. The Fund will offer UAE and GCC investors access to an asset class with long-term fundamentals, through a strategy focused on investing in strong-performing UAE sectors, including healthcare, education and industrial assets, with a target return of 7% from year one

The Fund Has A Clear and Defined Investment Strategy To Deliver Consistent Income and Create Long Term Value;

Acquire Income generating real estate in high growth sectors such as education, healthcare and industrials
Target high occupancy and single let assets
Target tenants with strong credit profile
Enter long term lease arrangements with tenants
Secure income stream through solid structuring and guarantee mechanisms
Triple net lease arrangements to minimize operational risks
No. of Properties
Gross Yield
Net Yield
≤ 1 billion
≤ 50%
The first REIT IPO on Dubai Financial Market with a solid SCA regulated REIT regime
Managed by a reputable fund manager with an experienced team and a proven track record
Supported by top-tier third party advisors
Invest in shariah compliant assets through shariah financing structures
Strong investment strategy targeting secure long term lease agreements with reputable & credit worthy single tenants
Target a well diversified portfolio with attractive income and robust transaction structures in sectors such as healthcare, education, industrials etc.
Aim to be one of the largest and operationally strongest in the GCC region
Post establishment, endeavor to work with regulators to enable foreign participation in the fund’s units
Post - Listing
Maximum 50% LTV at any time
NAV/Financial Reporting
Semi-annual reporting
No units lock-up period
All units to start trading from day one
Dividend distributions
Minimum 80% of REIT’s distributable income
Income from real estate
Minimum 90% of gross income (including rental income, interest and capital gains)
Investment in subsidiaries
Maximum 20% of REIT Gross Asset Value (only allowed to invest in subsidiaries with real estate related operations)
Income generating real estate
Minimum 75% of REIT Gross Asset Value
Real estate under development
Maximum 25% of REIT Gross Asset Value
Capital deployment
Maximum 6 months capital deployment period (longer period requires AGM approval)
investment committee
Investment committee members to be selected post IPO